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The Hatching 2014

Comedy . Horror . Fantasy
On the death of his father, Tim Webber returns to his childhood village in Somerset to find something sinister is disturbing the idyllic peace of the villagers. As people disappear and gruesome body parts mount, the horr ...
Staring: Andrew Lee Potts as Tim; Laura Aikman as Lucy; Thomas Turgoose as Caesar; Georgia Henshaw as Britney; Muzz Khan as Baghi; Jack McMullen as Russell; Deborah Rosan as ...
416FLIX ID: 61 • IMDb Rating: 4 • Added: Sat Jan 13 2018 Runtime: 90 mins

Arsenal 2017

Thriller . Crime . Action
A Southern mobster attempts to rescue his kidnapped brother.
Staring: Nicolas Cage as Eddie King; Adrian Grenier as JP; John Cusack as Sal; Lydia Hull as Lizzie; Heather Johansen as Kristy
416FLIX ID: 23 • IMDb Rating: 4 • Added: Thu Jan 11 2018 Runtime: 97 mins




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